SSF2023: Art Sangeet

Renqvists Verkstad, October 1st, 12:00 to 16:00
Spångvägen 23, 132 37 Saltsjöboo

Collaboration with Föreningen Renqvist´s Verkstad

Finishing event at Renqvists Verkstad, the exhibition “Kajsa Mattas and Marylyn Hamilton Gierow, solitaires, colleagues and friends” Sunday 1 October 12.00-16.00

The sculptor’s workshop presents two colleagues and friends who each express themselves in their own genuine way.
We have to meet different ways of handling the malleability of the material, different pace to follow the necessity of the expression and two different temperaments. But the belief in the form’s ability to express and convey essentials about life’s various shifts – is the same.

Music at 15.00 by “Palace on Wheels” which presents North Indian classical music around the theme “The individual and the collective in art and music” we are offered an introduction to Indian music where each instrument has its own distinctive character and occupies its special position in the music as a whole and we get the opportunity to look at similarities and differences in the artistic work.

Simple coffee service
Tour of Torsten Renqvist’s studio at 2 p.m
The Autumn Farm Exhibition and Little Round for children

Warm welcome

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Free entrance!