Happy Holidays!

Pictures by Max Dahlstrand

As a gift we will be uploading one great audio recording from our archives each day from Christmas Eve until New Year’s. During the history of the festival we have had so many great concerts by international masters, and this is a chance to relive some of the magic. The concerts will be posted to our Youtube channel 24th to 31st at 6 pm CET each day.

Thank you all for a great festival!

We would like to thank all our artists, partners, collaborators, volunteers, and most importantly, you in the audience for the amazing 15 year jubilee of Stockholm Sangeet Festival we had now in 2021! Music is returning to stage and the attendance this year was extraordinary. We had six different events spread over two weeks and we were extremely happy to see that the interest in the festival is growing.

The photos from previous years by Max Dahlstrand that were displayed in the Clara Schumann hall during the main concerts at Musikaliska can also be enjoyed online via this link.

Pictures from SSF2021 by Max Dahlstrand:

Pictures from SSF 2021 by Renjith Ramachandran:

Stockholm Sangeet Festival 2021 is arranged by Stockholm Sangeet Förening in collaboration with Farhang Förening/Movement in Exile, Musikaliska, Stallet Världens Musik, Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts, Föreningen Renqvists Verkstad and Sharda Music Sweden with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm and the Indian Embassy to Sweden and Latvia