Stockholm Sangeet Festival 2017

Welcome to Stockholm Sangeet Festival 7th – 9th October 2017!

The three day festival will give you not only the main concert day with splendid music and dance the 8th October at the beautiful Grand Stage at Musikaliska, but also the Young Sangeet Festival, workshops and the popular Open Stage at Stallet. Stockholm Sangeet is very proud to reveal that the legendary Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, winner of the Grammy award and creator of the mohanveena will be among the artists this year. Among the artists is also the santoor maestro Shree Satish Vyas with his group, the amazing khyal vocalist Ashwini Gore-Deshpande and kathak dancer Hanna Mannila. The full program you can see here. Tickets is available now at

Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2017 is organized by Stockholm Sangeet in collaboration with Länsmusiken i Stockholm/Musikaliska, Farhang Förening, Movement in Exile, Stallet Världens musik, Kulturskolan Stockholm, Best Western Plus Time Hotel, Saptak India France and Search Indie with support from Kulturrådet, Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Statens Musikverk, Nordic Culture Fund, ICCR and Indian Embassy of Sweden and Latvia.

Program Schedule

Program Schedule SSC 2017

A day for the children and families at Stallet, Stallgatan 6.

12.00 - The story of Savitri and Satyavan

The story of Savitri & Satyavan - an Indian dance story with live music for children and families (from 4 years). Bharatanatyam dance: Usha Balasundaram. Storytelling: Marina Granlund. Sitar: KG Westman. Tabla: Hugo Widén. The story is told in swedish. Stallet, Stallgatan 7. Tickets: ”One day when Savitri is walking in the woods she meets the most beautiful boy she ever seen, Satyavan, who has been expelled from his kingdom and lives in the forest with his parents. Savitri falls in love and decides to fight for their love with all her power, even against the death himself, Yama…After the story the children get to try indian dance and hand movements depicting different animals like turtle, peacock and tiger. Bharatanatyam is an expressive indian dance form that in this show together with voice and music tells an old story from the indian mythology.”

14.00 - Young Sangeet Festival

See the future generation of artists at the Young Sangeet Festival! Indian Music and dance with pupils from Kulturskolan Stockholm, DADA Academy, Srutilaya Music centre and other schools. Stallet, Stallgatan 7. Free entry.

A day of Indian classical music and dance at Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11. Before, between and after the performances, enjoy food, drinks and the company of a lot of people who love Indian classical music and dance.

14.30 - Doors open

The main concert day at Musikaliska. The bar in the foajé will be open and serve light food, snacks and drinks. To be sure to get food or drinks quickly in the pauses you can order in advance from 14.30. Make your order in the bar. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Tickets:

15.00 - Performance with Ipshita Rajesh

We will start celebrating the 11th Stockholm Sangeet with a bharatanatyam solo performance by Ipshita Rajesh in the Clara Schumann hall, next to the foajé. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs.

15.30 - Festival inauguration

The 11th edition of Stockholm Sangeet will take place at the beautiful Grand Stage of Musikaliska. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. A representative of the Indian Embassy will inaugurate the festival.

15.45 - Sweden-Finland Sangeet

Artists based in Sweden, Finland and India performing a program of north indian khyal, tabla solo and kathak dance. Artists: Ashwini Gore-Deshpande (vocal), Debashish Mukherjee (tabla), Hanna Mannila (kathak), Stian Grimstad (sur bahar), Veronica Tjerned (kathak), Kalle-Lotta Mossige-Norheim (harmonium), Moa Danielson (santoor).

16.45 - PAUS

Light food and drinks will be available in the foajé. For quicker service, make your order in advance in the bar.

17.15 - Shree Satish Vyas Group

A recital of north indian classical music with Shree Satish Vyas on santoor accompanied by Mukundraj Deo (tabla), Pratapsing Bhagwan Patil (pakhawaj), Naresh Madgaonkar (santoor/tanpura)and Ashwin Shreeram (tanpura).

18.30 - PAUS

Light food and drinks will be available in the foajé. For quicker service, make your order in advance in the bar.

19.00 - Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

A recital of north indian classical music. Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Grammy award winner and inventor of the mohanveena accompanied on tabla by Nihar Metha.

A day of Indian culture at Stallet, Stallgatan 7. Take part in a workshop in Indian classical music and gather to enjoy music and dance, mingle or to perform yourself at Open Stage

16.00 - Workshop in north indian classical music

A workshop with Shree Satish Vyas and his group on santoor and indian classical music. The workshop is for both musicians and for non-musicians with an interest in music. If you like, you are welcome to bring your instrument. Stallet, Stallgatan 7 ( Free entry!

18.00 - Open Stage

The stage of Stallet is open for anyone who wants to share a piece of music, dance or other culture expression with connection to indian culture. Do you want to perform on stage? Please contact before 1 October. Food and drinks will be available. Stallet, Stallgatan 7, The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Free entrance.

Highlights from Stockholm Sangeet 2017

A short glimpse of Stockholm Sangeet 10 years celebration 2017

Photos from Stockholm Sangeet 2019

Pictures by Max Dahlstrand, more at


Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
Ashwini Gore-Deshpande
Hanna Mannila
Debashish Mukherjee
Shree Satish Vyas
Nihar Mehta
Ipshita Rajesh
Mukundraj Deo
Pratapsing Bhagwan Patil
Naresh Madgaonkar
Ashwin Shreeram
Veronica Tjerned
Kalle-Lotta Mossige-Norheim
Stian Grimstad
Moa Danielson