SSF2023: Young Sangeet

Cabaret Dunya och Världen,
Stallet, 7th October, 11:00. Door open 10:30,

Tickets here!
Adults 100 SEK/Children 60 SEK
(inkl. 20 SEK booking fee)

A mischievous family show for everyone between the ages of 1 and 101, a playful journey with puppetry, movement, objects that come to life and live Indian music. Movement, song, humor and warmth and many different kinds of emotions and states that in the world of the clown are magnified, clarified and turned into play meet the flexible tones and joy of improvisation of the Indian sitar. We get to meet the marionette girl Dunya who is supposed to do a balancing act on a globe, but who, when the show is about to start, has disappeared. All that remains are her red shoes… Tittut – to disappear and come back, to be afraid and to dare. To be sad and to be comforted, these are states that we recognize and when we laugh together there is a shared sense of relief. Cabaret Dunya and the world ends with a sing-along and soap bubble game.

Cast: Puppet Theater Amusé with Ellinor Nordlund (screenplay, direction, acting) and Kalle-Lotta Mossige-Norheim (sitar).

Student Performances
Stallet, 7th October, 14:00.
Free Entry!

A concert dedicated to the future of the arts. South Asian music and dance with students from Kulturskolan Stockholm, Srutilaya Music Centre, Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts, Suranjana Ghosh Tabla & Music, Indisk Dansakademi, Suvrat Apte and others.