SSF 2021: Young Sangeet

Stallet, October 2nd, 13:30 – 14:30 ca

Stallgatan 7, Stockholm (T) Kungsträdgården

A concert at Stallet dedicated to the future of the arts. South Asian music and dance with students from Kulturskolan Stockholm, Srutilaya Music Centre, Saraswathy Kalakendra Academy of Fine Arts, Indisk Dansakademi and others. Free entrance.

Stockholm Sangeet Festival 2021 is arranged by Stockholm Sangeet Förening in collaboration with Farhang Förening/Movement in Exile, Musikaliska, Stallet Världens Musik, Saraswathy Kalakendra Institution of Fine Arts, Föreningen Renqvists Verkstad and Sharda Music Sweden with support from the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm and the Indian Embassy to Sweden and Latvia